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Introduction of ROSMA JSC Company


Rosma JSC is a leading privately-owned company exporting special Russian-made lubricants worldwide.

The company specializes in delivering special lubricants for Russian machinery and equipment used abroad.

Rosma JSC has a wide experience in deliveries for the needs of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergencies, Airlines, Unified Energy Systems of Russia structures, Rosenergoatom and gas transportation companies.


Our foreign customers include suppliers for strategic industries and departments, airlines, manufacturing plants, maintenance and repair services, operating aviation, power and other special equipment made in Russia. Rosmas success is due to its cooperation with the leading Russian lubricant producers, which Rosma is an authorized representative of, and its long experience in exporting lubricants.


Today Rosma JSC offers a wide choice of Russian-made oils and lubricants and a comprehensive service

package to its clients - from consulting and lubricant selection to product delivery to the consignee and providing all guaranties.


Our company is constantly expanding its deliveries worldwide and is now a supplier to more than

50 countries.



Oils and greases for different types of Russian aero techniques 


Aero Planes