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Aeroshell Other Products


Application field:

Aviation Gasoline (Avgas) is used in small piston engine powered aircraftwithin the General Aviation community, e.g. private pilots, flight training, flying clubs and crop spraying.

Shell Avgas 100LL is the analogue of Russian petrol B 91/115.



Application field:

"AeroShell Compound 07" is used for in-flight de-icing of windscreens, propellers, wings, tailplanes, etc. on suitably equipped aircraft. AeroShell Compound 07 is also recommended for removing hoar frost and light snow/ice from parked aircraft. AeroShell Compound 07 can be sprayed undiluted or mixed with up to 50% volume of water, depending upon the severity of the icing conditions, the efficiency of the spraying technique and whether it is applied hot or cold.



Application field:

AeroShell Fluid 2F is used as a piston engine preservative oil, also as a flyaway oil, in place of the normal engine oil.

AeroShell Fluid 2F may be used in conjunction with Shell VPI 260 or VPI 280 if protection for extended periods is required.

Conforms to the specifications: MIL-C-6529 grade II.