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Aviation Hydraulic Fluids



Oil is made on the base of highly dearomatized waxy fraction, prepared from paraffin crude hydro cracking products and consisting from naphthenic and isoparaffinic hydrocarbons. It contains thickening and intoxicating additives and special distinguishing organic dye.

The oil is used for aviation and ground-based equipment, operating at the ambient temperature between -60 degC and + 55 degC.




It is made from polysiloxane fluid and organic ether mixture blended with wear-preventive additive and oxidation inhibitors.

It is applied in military aircraft hydraulic systems. (Including MiG-25, MiG-29).



TU 38.401-58-57-93

Synthetic erosion-resistant, fire-safe, explosion-proof fluid. It is made from mixtures of phosphoric acid ester, contains a package of additives. The oil is used in civil aircraft hydraulic systems (IL-86, IL-96, IL-114, TU-204, and TU-214).



GOST38. 01281-82

It is made on the basis of high-dearomatized waxy fraction, prepared from paraffin crude hydro cracking. It contains thickening, antioxidant, wear-resistant and antirust additives.



TU 0253-011-39247202-96

It is made from distillate oil (selective treatment) with antioxidant, wear-resistant and antifoam additives.

The oil is applied in hydrodynamic diesel locomotive transmissions and in diesel locomotive hydro transmission turbo reducers.



GOST 10363-78

It is medium-viscous distillate, which has been blended with polymeric gelling and depressant additives after high-selective treatment and dewaxing. It is used as operating fluid in the hydraulic control systems of high-loaded equipment. It works at the temperatures between -40 degC and + (80-100) degC.


Oil Type "A"

TU 38.1011282-89

It is made from deeply refined dearomatized oil fraction with thickening, antioxidant, wear-resistant, antirust, depressant and antifoam additives. It is applied hydraulic torque converters, hydro's and other moving equipments; in ship hatch covers, hydraulic cranes and steering engines.


Oil Type "R"

TU 38.1011282-89

It is well-refined distillate oil with additives, improving antioxidant, wear-resistant, detergent-dispersive and antifoam properties.

The oil is used in steering booster and hydro volumetric transmission systems.



TU 38.101479-00

It is produced from special deeply refined waxy base with thickening, antioxidant, wear-resistant, antifoam and antirust additives.

It is applied as working fluid in the hydraulic systems of ground equipment operated in the open air at the temperature range from - 50 degC up to +60 degC at a continuous operation service.



TU 38.001347-83

It is produced on the base of industrial oils with antioxidant, wear-resistant depressant and antifoam additives.

The oil is used as working fluid in hydro systems of agricultural and other equipment, working under pressure up to 35MPa (with short-term increase up to 42 MPa). The temperature range varies from -10 degC and up to +80 degC.



TU 38.1011232-89

It is made from deparaffined oils, sweet oils, and sulphur-bearing oils: is produced from sweet and sulphur-bearing waxy oils, using deep phenol refinement and deep deparaffination. The oil contains antioxidant additive.

It is used as working fluid in hydraulic drives at the temperature from -(30-35) degC and up to + (90-100) degC.